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TC BioPharm (TCB) is a biopharmaceutical business currently developing the closest to market drug candidate in Gamma Delta T (GDT) cell therapies. We have a strong focus on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) modified GDT cells with the aim of treating cancer and major viral diseases.  We have a unique technology with a demonstrable safety profile and established intellectual property rights for the entire GDT-based platforms - ImmuniCAR® and OmmniCAR®.  This negates increasing concerns over the safety of current alpha beta CAR-T cell therapy approaches. Our proprietary culture media and manufacturing methods overcome the major barriers to commercialising GDT cell therapies, ensuring batch consistency.

We operate a GMP cell therapy manufacturing facility from headquarters near Glasgow. All regulatory, clinical and quality functions are performed in-house. We also have facilities in Edinburgh, London, and Kawasaki City (in the Greater Tokyo area).

Studies have shown that ImmuniCAR® is a safe and efficacious version of a CAR T cell therapy. This has been achieved by leveraging the inherent specificity of Gamma Delta T cells. ImmuniCAR® is engineered to recognise proteins expressed on the surface of the target cell and, in conjunction with the Gamma Delta T cell receptor, recognise and kill only the diseased cells, thus limiting off-target effects.

ImmuniCAR® is an autologous Gamma Delta T cell therapy. The starting material for ImmuniCAR® is provided by the patient, and is manufactured on demand.