Our broad platform technology allows us to design specific therapies to treat a broad range of cancers and infectious diseases with "off the shelf” allogeneic gamma delta T cell (GDT) products. Unlike other CAR-T platforms, destruction of target cells is controlled by the innate endogenous kill-switch, augmented by power of synthetic transgenes for more effective targeting and armoring. Tolerance of off-tumor target expression allows for targeting of tumor-associated antigens previously considered impossible.

Our stepwise approach to clinical development has enabled TC BioPharm to take a logical, safer and more agile approach to our clinical trials. By starting with an autologous, unmodified gamma delta product, we were able to establish safety prior to entering the clinic in 2018 with our unmodified allogeneic product. Now, our focus is on clinical development and refinement of products based on the ideal GDT vehicle with a proprietary genetic CAR-T arsenal to fight a range of cancers.

Phase 1
Phase 2/3

Phase 2/3

AML is a cancer characterized by infiltration of the bone marrow, blood, and other tissues by proliferative, clonal, poorly differentiated cells of the hematopoietic system.

OmnImmune® is our unmodified allogeneic gamma delta T cell product, being initially used for the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML).

The aim is to treat patients who have not responded well to first-line therapy with the aim of delaying or preventing the need for human bone-marrow transplant.

We have completed a phase 1 clinical trial as part of a dose escalation and safety study using fresh product, in partnership with ÚKHT, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague. The product will continue being developed towards phase 2/3 follow-up clinical trials, as a frozen product and in turn towards commercialization.

Phase 1

We have a number of in-house and partner programs at the pre-clinical stage focussed on developing CAR modified allogeneic gamma delta T-cell products targeting solid and haematological indications.

Clinical Expertise

We are creating groundbreaking, pioneering, disruptive therapies with unrivalled applicability to a broad range of cancers and infectious diseases. This step-changing approach leverages the immense therapeutic and commercial potential of GDT cells by pharmaceuticalizing cell therapy, simplifying its ease of use, widening patient access, and improving quality of life.